The Socialist Promise

The budget for FY 2021/22 is an allusion to an ideal welfare-state. The government has undertaken the responsibility to protect

About Ayushma Maharjan

Ayushma Maharjan pursued development finance as part of her undergraduate education. She is currently working as the Research and Communications Officer. She has been focusing on writing blogs and articles and has been researching on contemporary economic issues of Nepal. She aspires to craft conducive reforms through evidence-based policy making and redefine the policy discourse in Nepal .

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How Populist Agendas failed Nepal!!

Nepal’s political landscape has never been absent from political shifts since the abolition of the panchayat in 1990. The shifts

About Samana Lawati

Samana Lawati is a research intern at Samriddhi Foundation. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Business Administration from Shanker Dev Campus.

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