Another empty promise!

Image source: With load shedding up to sixteen hours a day, it is indeed an energy crisis in Nepal. Government of

About Dhruba Bhandari

Dhruba Bhandari is Research Fellow at Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation. He joined the Foundation in July 2015. He completed PhD in Development Economics from Oklahoma State University (USA) in 2013. Prior to Joining Foundation, he worked as Research Associate at Oklahoma State University.

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खस्कदो औद्योगिक अवस्थाका प्रमुख कारणहरु

प्रजातन्त्रको पुनरवहालीसंगै नब्बेको दशकमा भएको नीतिगत सुधारले निजी क्षेत्रको सहभागितामा ६–७ प्रतिशतको आर्थिक वृद्धि हासिल भएको थियो जसमा औद्यौगिक क्षेत्रको

About Pramod Rijal

Pramod Rijal is a Research Associate at Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation. He is also a lecturer of Economics at Mega National and Unique College of Management and has contributed a number of articles in various national dailies.

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