Second Generation of Reforms for FDI

A national level conference titled “Citizen’s Initiatives for Future Nepal IV” was collectively organized by Collective Campaign for Peace (COCAP), Samriddhi Foundation, Forest Action Nepal and other organizations at Orchid Hotel on 19th and 20th September, 2014. In the program, two plenary sessions and 11 parallel sessions in various aspects of Nepalese economic development took place. Samriddhi Foundation, which has been conducting research in various economic issues, presented two papers entitled “Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Prosperity” and “Macroeconomic Policy Direction for Future Nepal”. Samriddhi’s Researcher Pramod Rijal got an opportunity to present the first paper on behalf of Samriddhi Foundation, and the session was chaired by Dr. Hemant Kumar Dawadi, Director General, Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI). Mr. Rishi Raj Koirala, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Industry was the commentator. This particular session is also a part of econity, which happens almost every month in participation of journalists, academicians, economists, bureaucrats, policy makers and other related stakeholders.

The presentation highlighted potential and problems for FDI in hydropower, agriculture, tourism, infrastructure and education. A series of reforms was proposed for attracting higher investments that can generate additional number of employment and bring better management practices and technology. The session was enriched by the intervention from the floor, constructive comments from the commentator and concluding remarks by the chair. Please click the link to download the paper and presentation and do share your comments, suggestion and advice.

Pramod Rijal

Pramod Rijal is a Research Associate at Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation. He is also a lecturer of Economics at Mega National and Unique College of Management and has contributed a number of articles in various national dailies.


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