On Infringing our Right to Earn a Living

The ongoing economic blockade in the country has, in all effect, rendered life excruciatingly difficult for the common mass. Among other things, 220,000 people have been left unemployed, 2200 industries have been forced to close, over 29.75 billion in revenue has been lost in the first 5 months of the ongoing fiscal year and poverty is expected to rise by 7% in the coming year as people are left without access to fuel and food in these harsh cold months. Additionally, medical supplies to Nepal have been affected by at least 50% since most of it came to the country from or via our southern neighbor. In all this, the protests in the Tarai-Madhesh plains have claimed over 50 lives. It is unfortunate that this number could potentially increase as we look at a seemingly unending conflict between party heads. It is time that the state and agitating parties look to finding ways to solve their differences without infringing on our right to earn a living.


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Labisha Uprety

Labisha Uprety is a Research and Communications Officer at Samriddhi. She enjoys debating and likes her tea black with a little sugar.


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