How Populist Agendas failed Nepal!!

Nepal’s political landscape has never been absent from political shifts since the abolition of the panchayat in 1990. The shifts

About Samana Lawati

Samana Lawati is a research intern at Samriddhi Foundation. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Business Administration from Shanker Dev Campus.

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Cashing in: Why legalization of cannabis is actually beneficial to the Nepalese Economy

Cannabis Farming Regulation and Management Bill, registered in the House of Representatives, is set to regulate and promote the cultivation,

About Anjila Shrestha

Anjila Shrestha is a research intern at Samriddhi Foundation. She is a recent law graduate from Kathmandu University School of Law.

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Regulatory reconfiguration: The path for recovering the Nepalese economy dampened by Covid-19

State of economic recession or slowdown expected to occur amid current public health emergency and at the aftermath of series

About Prience Shrestha

Prience works in the research department at Samriddhi Foundation. And, he attempts to specialize in the field of Development Economics

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Reviving the Nepalese Economy: What Works and What Doesn’t

While Nepal was already facing numerous hurdles to realize the desired level of growth, the recent Covid-19 pandemic and the

About Ayushma Maharjan

Ayushma Maharjan pursued development finance as part of her undergraduate education. She is currently working as the Research and Communications Officer. She has been focusing on writing blogs and articles and has been researching on contemporary economic issues of Nepal. She aspires to craft conducive reforms through evidence-based policy making and redefine the policy discourse in Nepal .

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Lives Versus Lives

After eight weeks of compliance to a government mandated blanket lockdown, the country is onto yet another extension.  About Ankshita

About Ankshita Chaudhary

Ankshita is working as the Research and Communications Officer. She is a Bachelors in Business Administration graduate from Kathmandu University. She regularly writes articles and blogs to promote alternative outlooks on contemporary political-economic debates in Nepal. She reserves interest in the area of federalism, entrepreneurship and economic development; and aspires to create institutional and policy reforms that promote evidence-based policy making in their practices.

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