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Protectionism v Deregulation

It need not be reiterated that the pandemic will result in severe unemployment and slowdown of the economic activity. Countries all over the world to this regard have started taking measures in the form of massive stimulus. While some see it as an opportunity to revive global participation in solving problems, the reality might be quite different after the pandemic is over or after lockdowns are relaxed.  

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Debt sustainability and Fiscal Stimulus

Governments around the world have been coming up with fiscal packages that will increase their level of indebtedness. The question “How is it going to be paid back?” has become redundant at this point and for good reasons it seems. It also seems inevitable that Nepal will likely follow in the footsteps of other nations in a desperate attempt to save the economy that has been massively hit by the ongoing pandemic. Increased borrowing from multilateral agencies seems likely in the days to come.

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