Molding education in the face of the pandemic

In the wake of the never-ending situation brought forward by the pandemic, many sectors of the economy have been hard

About Suzana Thapa Shrish

Suzana Thapa Shrish works as a Research and Communications Assistant at Samriddhi Foundation. She aspires to focus her researches on Education Policies that will allow her to lay a solid foundation to navigate the current developments in contemporary pedagogical policy & practice and deliver tangible outcomes in the educational domain of Nepal.

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Sporadic market inspections do little to protect the consumer’s interest

Among many things dominating the news headlines alongside the Covid-19 are news reports of the Department of Commerce, Supplies and

About Bidhyalaxmi Maharjan

Bidhyalaxmi is working as Research & Communications Assistant at Samriddhi Foundation. She is a Master of Arts student at Madan Bhandari Memorial College.

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Is Democracy Dying in Nepal?

This question lingers in the minds of many.   Levitsky and Ziblatt in their book, “How Democracies Die” depicts four characteristics

About Prakash Maharjan

Prakash Maharjan is a researcher at Samridhi Foundation with his area of focus in the field of federalism, governance, development and entrepreneurship. He is pursuing his postgraduate studies in International Relations and Diplomacy at Tribhuwan University and is a graduate in Business Administration from Kathmandu University. He was previously a research fellow at Sichuan University prior to joining Samriddhi Foundation. He believes in hard work and determination and aims to instigate policy reforms in the country on the basis of evidence-based research with a vision to flourish prosperity in the country.

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Leveraging on land-based tourism to protect Nepalese tourism industry in the post-pandemic era

Following the need to abide by the social-distancing measures in public zones, travelling via air will not be the same

About Prience Shrestha

Prience works in the research department at Samriddhi Foundation. And, he attempts to specialize in the field of Development Economics

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