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Overhauling The System; More Than Mere Tweaks

Forty-two days into the nationwide lockdown, the focus of the government rests upon flattening the curve – as it should be. But the simultaneous economic quarantine has managed to bring all sorts of economic activities to a grinding halt. At the most telling fronts, it has taken a hit on the GDP, escalated inflation, surged unemployment and disrupted livelihoods of daily wage laborers who have little to no economic buffer. 

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Ankshita Chaudhary

About Ankshita Chaudhary

Ankshita is working as the Research and Communications Officer. She is a Bachelors in Business Administration graduate from Kathmandu University. She regularly writes articles and blogs to promote alternative outlooks on contemporary political-economic debates in Nepal. She reserves interest in the area of federalism, entrepreneurship and economic development; and aspires to create institutional and policy reforms that promote evidence-based policy making in their practices.

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Careful what you wish for!

During times of crisis such as the one we are currently facing, people’s expectations from the government tend to rise. The government is viewed as the monolithic entity which can help overcome the crisis and get everyone back to pre-crisis normalcy. This expectation from the people provides additional impetus to already expanding government, further steepening the slope of the government expenditure trajectory. People expect a huge stimulus package from the government so that their jobs and businesses would have an external shield. 

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Ashesh Shrestha

About Ashesh Shrestha

Ashesh Shrestha is an independent researcher. He has an Economics background and is interested in Monetary economics and Public finance.

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