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A Retrograde Economic Vision

The UN categorisations for development of nations in the world is based on the three different levels- HAI, EVI and GNI- measured to give rise to three distinct categories, least developed, developing and high income or developed countries. Without a doubt, Nepal lands in the first category. But considerable progress has been made. Nepal recorded a marginal rise above the threshold on the HAI Index with 68.7 points while the EVI Index was within the threshold limit with 28.7 points. Nepal, however, recorded a low performance on its GNI per capita Index with $865 in the FY 2016/17. Despite the remarkable improvement in two major indices, the GoN stated that the country isn’t prepared for graduation.

All of this begs to a question as to why the Nepal government was reluctant to graduate to the league of developing countries in the first place? Continue reading

Ankshita Chaudhary

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