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Laws Passed By Transition Government Applicable in Federal Structure

In Sep 20, 2015, the constitution of Federal Republic of Nepal was adopted. It has been more than two years. Last year, the elections of all three orders of government are complete. The last remaining election for the National Assembly is schedule on February 7. Till date Government of Nepal has executed the following laws and directives to aid the process of federalizing the country.

  • National Assembly Member Election Ordinance, 2074
  • National Medical Education Ordinance, 2074
  • Rajshree Janak University Act 2074,
  • Education (Ninth-Amendment) Act, 2074
  • Disaster Risk and Management Act, 2074
  • Employee Adjustment Act, 2074
  • A law made by law enforcement agencies to determine legal punishment and to enforce such punishment
  • An Act made to arrange health insurance
  • An Act made to amend and integrate cooperative laws
  • An Act made to arrange for some amendment, integration, adjustment and dismissal of Nepal law(193 existing acts of Nepal were amended in line with the Federal Constitution of Nepal)
  • An Act made to arrange for remuneration and convenience of State Chief
  • An Act made to amend and integrate the law related to the Devani issue procedure
  • The law made for the amendment and integration related to the law of criminal offense
  • An Act made to amend and integrate Devani Law
  • An Act made to arrange for Language Commission
  • An Act made to amend and integrate the prevailing laws related to criminal offenses
  • The law governed by the local government to operate
  • An Act made to arrange for Rapti Health Science Foundation
  • An Act made to amend and integrate the law regarding the rights of persons with disability
  • National Women’s Commission Act, 2074
  • National Dalit Commission Act, 2074
  • Muslim Commission Act, 2074
  • Act, 2074 of the Honorable Judge and the Supreme Court Judge, the remedial, the convenience and other terms of service
  • Tharu Commission Act, 2074
  • Act of the High Courts and Judges of district court, remuneration, convenience and other conditions of service, 2074
  • National Inclusive Commission Act, 2074
  • Inter-government finance management act, 2074
  • An Act regarding the election of the Vice President and Vice President, 2074
  • National Natural Resources and Finance Commission Act, 2074
  • Tribal People’s Commission Act, 2074
  • Regarding the President and Vice President’s Service, 2074
  • Madheshi Commission Act, 2074
  • Local level election law (including first amendment)
  • A Political Party Related Act, 2073 (including the first amendment)
  • Number of wards of VDCs and municipalities
  • Deployment Act 2074
  • Labor Act, 2074
  • Electricity Regulation Commission, 2074
  • State Assembly Member Election Act, 2074
  • Representative Assembly Member Election Act, 2074
  • Monetary Markets Act, 2074
  • Economic Act 2074
  • Federal Contingency Fund Act
  • Contribution based social security
  • Bonus Fifth Amendments
  • Company (First Amendment) Act, 2074
  • International Wildlife Control Act of Wildlife and Vegetation, 2073
  • National Park and Wildlife Protection (5th Amendment) Act, 2073
  • A Political Party  Act, 2073
  • Bank and Financial Institution Act, 2073
  • Regarding local level elections
  • An Act made to amend and integrate the prevailing laws of election lawsuit and punishment
  • Revision and integration of voter registration law
  • Amendment and integration of the law related to the duty and right of the Election Commission
  • The law made to arrange for the remedial and convenience of the officials and members of the Federal Parliament
  • An Act made to amend the Forest Act 2049
  • The law made to arrange the national debt raising rights
  • An Act made to amend the Nepal Rastra Bank Act, 2058
  • An Act made to amend Loan and Bail Act 2025
  • Deposit and Credit Protection Fund Act-2073
  • Vehicle and Transportation Business Second Amendment Act, 2073
  • Special Economic Area Act 2073
  • Audit First Amendment Act, 2073
  • The first amendment of the banking lawsuit and punishment is 2073
  • Employee Sanction Fund, New Amendment Act, 2073
  • The Act made to amend the Supreme Court Act
  • An Act made to amend and integrate the duties and rights of the Justice Service Commission
  • An Act made to amend and integrate the law of justice administration
  • An Act made to amend and integrate the duty of the Judicial Council to the law of duty
  • Education Act Eighth Amendment

The Constitution of Nepal has provided both executive and legislative powers to all three form of government. Hence the provincial and local government has also to come up with various laws required for the effective implementation of federalism. The Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs in a research has identified  that 110 federal laws, 22 provincial laws and 6 local level government laws  has to be made for the implementation of Constitution of Nepal.  In Nepal about 315 laws and 270 regulations are in implementation with the promulgation of federal constitution. 73 out of 315 acts need no amendments, 170 acts need minor amendments and 40 acts needs different amendment bill.

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