Three years of bandhs in five years!

Republica National Daily published an article on the total number of bandhs (general strikes) in Nepal in the past five years and  it stands at an alarming 1047 days! Their cited source is Nepal Police.

bandas-in-5-yrsThis forced me to think about how many productive days do we really have and at this rate what will happen to the big dreams about eradicating poverty and in the words of few politicians, making Nepal ‘Singapore’ or ‘Switzerland’ in X number of years.

The above picture was drawn up on a back of an envelope calculation. Few notes:

  • These are the 37 holidays considered as public holidays in the list.
  • I am not adding the average 30 days a year leave one is entitled to as part of current laws and regulations.
  • You could say there could have been overlaps of bandhs on Saturdays and public holidays too. It has happened but rather rarely!





One thought on “Three years of bandhs in five years!

  • August 20, 2015 at 5:13 pm

    Statistics says a day of strike is causing two billion of loss to our economy; causes rise in price level up to 10%… well once i was bound to pay five rupee EXTRA in a public vehicle even after strike went neutral at evening… No no… it was not just five rupee which i paid. i am wondering because i paid 33.33333333% extra on general price. This is something which statistic never say.



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